Garras de oro, cinema-concert (excerpts)




NIETO, video and stage

Le Balcon Ensemble / Maxime Pascal, musical direction / Augustin Muller, informatic realization

Duration: 40 minutes

July 25 & 26, 2013, Festival Paris Quartier d’Été

Église de Saint Eustache, Paris

A 1926 SOUTH AMERICAN FILM where Uncle Sam looks at the map of Colombia with lust before snatching Panama with its long golden claws.

Cinema-concert for two voices, soloists, amplified ensemble and electronics, from the poem Acuarimántima by Porfirio Barba Jacob and the first recitative of the cantata Was Gott tut, das ist wohlgetan I, BWV 98 by Johann Sebastian Bach, intended to one of the most remarkable films in the history of Colombian cinema, a cinematographic UFO long prohibited: Garras de Oro (1926). Mysteriously conceived by anonymous, scandalously - and briefly - projected, hurriedly removed by the censors all over Latin-America, then disappeared for more than forty years, this film has as a starting point the events that led to the independence of Panama against Colombia at the beginning of the XXth century.

Are we in front of a Colombian claim movie made after the independence of Panama? Or, is it a subtle artifact of American propaganda directed against Theodore Roosevelt? For this project, Juan Pablo Carreño has felt inevitable the artistic intervention of the Colombian filmmaker Luis Nieto within the original film, by reconstructing some scenes that fit in an original way at different moments of this anonymous cinematographic work. A cinema-concert performance by Le Balcon where instrumental music, narrative illustration, political manifesto and questioning about national identity intersect, complement and respond.

VI. Como en la vaguedad de un espejismo:

IX. Fanfare II

XII. Ach Gott, Wie lange soll ich Tag und Nacht Um Hilfe schreien?

II. Sotto il velame degli versi strani

XI. Vengo a expresar mi desazón suprema

XIV. ¡Armonía!_¡Oh profunda...



En Órbita - Señal Colombia (6 de mayo de 2014) - ES (vídeo)

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Cine-concierto "Garras de oro", un proyecto de Juan Pablo Carreño


El tiempo TV (12 de marzo, 2015) - ES (vídeo)

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Espectáculo multimedia revive la cinta muda 'Garras de oro'


El Tiempo (11 de marzo, 2015) - ES

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Nueva vida para 'Garras de oro'


VICE (15 de marzo, 2015) - ES

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Garras de Oro: conversaciones con la película maldita


El Heraldo (6 de marzo, 2015) - ES

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Reestreno de la película muda ‘Garras de oro’, con musicalización en vivo


The End a Film Magazine (14 de marzo, 2015) - ES

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FICCI 2015: Garras de Oro


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Cartagena de Indias le abre las puertas a otras artes


RCN Radio (8 de marzo, 2015) - ES (audio)

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Cine-concierto "Garras de oro": “Vengo a expresar mi desazón suprema”


Radio LAUD - 94.4 FM (6 de marzo, 2015) - ES (audio)

Llega a Colombia un espectáculo de cine-concierto: Garras de oro (Self-Fiction III)


FicciFestival (12 de marzo, 2015) - ES (vídeo)

GARRAS DE ORO - El séptimo y otros tres

VI. Como en la vaguedad de un espejismo (Page 32, M.198-335)

Ensemble Le Balcon, Coeur de Ville de Vincennes, June 9, 2012

Soloist of Le Balcon, colombian musiciens, BLAA concert Hall, Bogotá, March 14, 2015

HIGHLIGHTS (scroll down for videos)

IX. Fanfare II (Score: Page 54, M.404)

X. Transe électronique (Page 80, M.540-649)

XI. Vengo a expresar mi desazón suprema — XII. Ach Gott, Wie lange soll ich Tag und Nacht Um Hilfe schreien? — XIII. No se oye nada — XIV. ¡Armonía!_¡Oh profunda... (Score: Page 97, M. 650-822)

II. Sotto il velame degli versi strani (Page 2, M. 11-52)

IV. Interlude instrumentale II — V. Interlude instrumentale III (Page 17, M.72-155)